Portraits With Character

1.) Have the person, pose to convey their character through their mood,

2.) Instead of forced ones, try to catch a natural pose in order to portray a story.

3.) Shoot your subject doing something that they feel comfortable like letting them choose their own poses.

4.) Try to create photos that represent each individual so that everyone stands out instead of all having the same pose.

5.) Capture photos to show the expressions of an individual through the moments.

HDR Landscapes

HDR photography stands for “high dynamic range.” This is used to photograph anything that has to do with nature, or any cityscapes as well. The input of HDR, should include a wide range of colors so it “pops”. You should make sure the appearance pops with contrasting and saturated colors. Allowing it to have a surreal look in order to achieve a successful result of HDR. It’s important to shoot at a wide dynamic angle when shooting in HDR. If a subject you are photographing has a combination of darkness and brightness, HDR is perfect to use because of HDR you can balance the two distinct exposures.


Photojournalist- $36,471

Commercial- $51,965

Wedding- $104,417

Newborn- 28,357

Real Estate- $60,520

Travel- $45,581

Product- $39,482

Sports- $49,047

Food- $41,332

Portrait- $36,290

All these areas of photography listed can allow anyone to make a living out of them and the amounts I added are the annual amount for the photography field.

To become a Labor and Delivery Nurse is my future career choice. I will include photography in my future career choice as a part time basis, by pursuing to become a Newborn Photographer. Since they both work with babies which I enjoy. I will incorporate the two, In order to make a great living. Although I know that both involve hard work, I’m going to take the challenge and be willing to work for both of them. I know that I would definitely not mind the additional annual income.

Candid Moments/PhotoJournalism

Your job as a photojournalist is to tell a story by using a photo. As well as using a caption to give each image more detail. You need equipment such as a proper camera, interest in the subject, communication skills, persistence, portfolio, travel enthusiast, and story telling skill to be a photojournalist.

The sky is the limit to succeed don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Do not depend on materialistic items to fulfill your happiness.

Don’t take advantage of a loved one, they can be gone in a blink of an eye.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century | MoMA

Henri Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour | photography | Phaidon

The timing of photography by Henri Cartier-Bresson seems to be shot in the mid-1900s because of the subjects in his portraits that make them look older. I believe he’s got a really nice composition of all the pictures I have seen. He really had the potential to catch the perfect moment and he always captured the moment in several images to convey a message in the photographs. He has several black and white photographs by him. This helps you to focus on the image and analyze the story behind the picture. One thing I found in particular was the locations he photographed the most. Which happened to be in areas outside that he traveled to. The places he visited were excellent at communicating detailed information with interesting stories. Because of the setting in which they are in, these two images I chose from him really grabbed my interest. As well as the group of individuals who offer a more thorough narrative to the photographs in each one.


Due to the arrangement of all the colors added together this particular triptych I found online really captured my eye. Due to the boarders around each photo as well as the spacing of all three, it also really stood out to me. It doesn’t seem like all three photos are split, they all go well together to make it look like just one photo, apart from this the composition of the photo is nice and powerful.